Could Your Home Benefit From Red Deer Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

Does the temperature in your rooms feel uneven?

It is not uncommon for air to leak through ducts in an HVAC system, but this could point out potentially major issues. In fact, research shows most systems develop leaks approximately 2-4 years after installation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning units. The symptoms, in this case, are quite obvious too – rooms in your house have varying temperature, your furnace as well as your air conditioning unit works harder than usual, an increase in your energy bills, and most importantly, poor air quality. Our Red Deer Aeroseal duct sealing could help you save on your energy bills, while keeping your home’s temperature even.

Signs Your Home Needs Aeroseal Duct Sealing

For a clearer picture, if you notice any of the below mentioned signs, it is best you get in touch with a Red Deer duct repairing professional:

  • Your HVAC system runs frequently or constantly;
  • Your energy consumption has increased, without no apparent reason;
  • The registers have a poor flow of air;
  • Issues with air balancing (some rooms hot while others cool);
  • Too much dust;
  • Improper ventilation.

Aeroseal duct sealing in Red Deer is the answer to all these issues. Developed with the support of the US Department of Energy and the EPA, Aeroseal works to prevent loss of energy, counter improper flow of air through the ducts and also increase the quality of indoor air. Duct work is ideally hidden, and there is no easy way a homeowner can go about taking care of these issues.

However, Aeroseal covers the gaps and cracks effectively in a non-toxic way. In fact, the process is so safe it is employed in hospitals and schools, and you do not have to leave your place when the repairs are done.

How Does Aeroseal Duct Sealing In Red Deer Work?

Although the process largely depends on the service crew coming over at your house, the typical computerized solution begins with the removal of all supply registers. This is followed by the installation of foam plugs where required. The technician will then drill an access hole in the supply plenum and attach a temporary collar to it. Here again, the foam plugs are used to block the flow of sealant particles into the AC, furnace and fan. Lastly, the injection machine is hooked on to the duct system using proper means.

The procedure requires another 4-8 hours to get set, and the improvements are clearly visible. Large commercial buildings, however, will require multiple instances of Red Deer Aeroseal duct sealing in order to be completely efficient.

While choosing the right technique for addressing your HVAC system’s issues is important, it is equally important to find the right professionals for the job. Knowledge and experience is the key to successful duct sealing, and it pays to find the right technicians to do it. Modern PURAIR employs seasoned professionals from the industry, and are highly recommended for Aeroseal duct sealing Red Deer. You can contact us at 587.797.1260.