The Modern PURAIR Filter Maintenance Program In Red Deer


The Benefits Of Our Red Deer Filter Maintenance Program

When talking about maintenance of furnace filters in Red Deer, we’re not just implying a quick check of the system. Rather, this entails a thorough check and a possible tune up.

Cleaning parts, lubricating all move-able ones, adjusting calibrations, replacing worn-out components; all these tasks are required to maintained the optimum performance and efficiency of your furnace and air conditioning systems.

Doing so is not an easy task, especially given the large number of parts involved and the amount of cleaning required. This is why Modern PURAIR offers the Filter Maintenance Program to Red Deer home and property owners.

Subscription to this program provides your home, business, or property access to all the benefits of regular furnace maintenance without any of the hassle. More than just changing filters regularly and at the right frequency, the program will protect you from the risk of various issues.

Common Furnace Problems Regular Maintenance Avoids:

  • Fan issues – The fan plays a critical role in the effective operation of your HVAC system. When they fail to operate properly, they will produce a significant drop in the efficiency of your home HVAC. Fans experience wear and tear as any other component would, such as:
    • Dry ball bearings – This is attributed to lack of lubrication, and will lead to friction in the fan shaft.
    • Fan blades which are loose or have bent.
    • Insecure motor mounts,
    • Damaged fan belts,
    • Wiring degradation – Including both electrical and motor issues.
  • Burner issues – Accumulation of dirt and soot is common in the furnace. Left neglected, excessive accumulation in the burner can lead to a number of other problems; the most popular one being uneven heating. In some cases, this could also be the cause of the burners refusing to light, and worse, degradation of the system. Routine maintenance carried out by certified professionals for Red Deer homeowners ensures the burners are in optimal condition, maximizing the efficiency of your system and minimizing utility costs.
  • Ignition issues – Igniters degrade, as any other component of any other machine. Whether your system uses a hot surface igniter, or intermittent ignition systems, it is importnat that these components are cleaned and cared for as a part of regular maintenance.

Knowing When It Is Time To Call The Red Deer Professionals

DIY furnace filter maintenance can be an overwhelming task when added to the ever-growing list of home maintenance chores you must perform to keep their homes in top shape. Most often, Red Deer homeowners will (consciously or unconsciously) simply neglect this important task, and suffer the cost of high utility bills and inevitable repairs.

Modern PURAIR’s filter maintenance program offers an alternative that allows you to invest your focus on other tasks without sacrificing the integrity of your home’s HVAC system. With our personalized filter maintenance program, your HVAC will continue to function at maximum efficiency without the need for you to get involved at all! To find out more about this program, or to schedule a conversation with a PURAIR technician about how you can enjoy the benefits of efficient home HVAC, get in touch here!



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