Full Service Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning In Red Deer

Having a clean vents protects the efficiency and longevity of your entire HVAC system, but also the ongoing health of your family.

The Benefits Of Regular Red Deer Furnace & Air Duct Maintenance

Furnace and air duct manufacturers and installers all recommend ventilation cleaning maintenance as a regular part of home ownership in Red Deer.

Not only will this keep your vent’s running in top shape, but help your system filter out since numerous allergens and irritants from you home’s air.

These irritants can be especially harmful for the young and elderly, especially those who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. Even to healthy adults, poor indoor air caused by dirty vents can cause significant health symptoms including stuffy nose, headaches, and consistent low-energy. Regular vent cleanings remove these harmful substances, improving indoor air quality and the overall health of all building occupants.

Dirty Duct Cleaning

Signs Your HVAC Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Indoor air is invisible, so often not on the mind of homeowners. However there are common signs you can detect that will indicate the need for a professional inspection and cleaning of your vents. Among them are:

  • Musty or stale air, especially when running your furnace or air conditioning.
  • Dust accumulation on, or just within, the vents throughout your home.
  • Consistently dusty surfaces.
  • Common cold symptoms, including scratchy throat, stuffy sinuses, cough, and low energy.
  • Reaction by those with allergic sensitivities.

What Our Red Deer Furnace & Duct Cleaning Removes From Your Home

Bacteria, pollen, dander, drywall dust, disinfectants, cleaning products, building and insulation materials, and more; accumulate and are carried by the air circulating through a home’s vents.

Your vent filters are designed to accommodate these materials to a degree, but without regular cleaning and inspection of your entire ventilation system, these substances will accumulate beyond the capacity of your system to handle.

When this happens, it is up to the immune system of every building resident to handle what a ventilation system cannot. In the best case, this results in reduced energy levels as immune systems burn energy to handle the materials passing through a persons lungs. In the worst case, this can result in significant health complications.

Having your vents cleaned with Modern PURAIR does more than improves air quality and the health of your family. When properly cared for, your HVAC system is capable of running far more efficiently and with a reduced requirement for ongoing maintenance.

To learn more about how to protect your family and HVAC system with professional cleaning, get in touch with Modern PURAIR,



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