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How Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Improve The Health of Your Family in Red Deer.

Report from the EPA and Health Canada highlights reveal that we spend more than 80% of our time in indoor spaces, and that the quality of indoor air in industrialized cities like Red Deer contains ten times more potentially harmful substances than outdoor air.

Indoor air contains minor irritants like animal dander and dust, but also substances known as Volatile Organic Compounds. Chemical irritants released in everything from hairspray to air freshener, VOC’s circulate throughout your indoor air, and their regular inhalation can lead to significant health problems; especially for infants, the elderly, and those that suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma.

That’s why it’s so important to monitor residential and commercial properties, to get an assessment and management plan to ensure your long-term safety. To ensure that the highest standards and guidelines are followed, you may want the services of a specialist company like Modern PURAIR®, whose expert consultants can help at an affordable cost.

The Importance Of Our Indoor Air Quality For Your & Your Family

VOC’s and other harmful substances known to circulate the indoor air of Red Deer homes are almost impossible to detect without professional equipment, but there are a few commons indications of poor indoor air that homeowners ought to be aware of. Consider them here:

  • Your health – Our immune systems are our built-in protections from pollutants. It’s reaction to harmful airborne substances can often be misdiagnosed as symptoms of the common cold. Headache, nausea, scratchy throat, cough, and fatigue are all caused by poor indoor air; and their regular presence ought to warrant a professional air testing.
  • Dirty vents – These are signs there is dust circulating constantly, and your system requires scheduled inspection and possibly cleaning. If your vents cannot filter dust, then it is up to your body’s immune system to do so!
  • Stale, Musty Air – The ‘musty’ or ‘stagnant’ impression sometimes felt upon entering into a space is generally a by-product of mold growth. If you or guests to your home report this impression, it is important to consider the possibility that mold is growing somewhere within your home, contributing to poor air.
  • Recent Renovation – Renovation creates a significant amount of dust, and not ordinary dust! Building materials are the product of chemical processing, and all classify as VOC’s. If a space in your home has been recently renovated, and you have not cleaned the vents, it is imperative that you consider the risks of breathing these chemical irritants!

The Benefits Of Modern PURAIR’s Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you believe you might be suffering from poor indoor air quality, the sources and the composition of air pollutants in your house can be difficult to determine without the right equipment and meter readings. With Modern PURAIR®‘s Indoor Air Quality testing service, Red Deer homeowners can access the most comprehensive analysis of not only what contaminants they are dealing with, but professional insight into exactly how they can be taken care of.

To find out what you’re breathing, and start cleaning your bad air today, call 587.797.1260.

Is the air in your home making your family sick?


As leaders in the HVAC cleaning industry, Modern Purair has the experience, equipment and qualified personnel to properly conduct indoor air quality testing Kelowna and indoor mold testing for your home, commercial space or industrial building.

The quality of the indoor air we breathe can have a tremendous impact on our health, productivity and happiness at home or at our place of work, considering the large majority of people spend 90% of their time in enclosed spaces. In industrialized cities, the quality of indoor air can be up to ten times worse than the outdoor air, according to Health Canada and the EPA. There can be a wide range of air pollutants present in your home, varying from the minor irritants, like animal dander or dust, to the major ones, which may include mold or volatile organic compounds (VOC). All of these pollutants can be the cause of many respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies.

The indoor Red Deer air quality testing solutions provided by Modern PURAIR are the most affordable on the market and also the most detailed air monitoring technology available today, capable of delivering extensive information on the sources, composition and levels of all air pollutants. These contaminants can reach your home through an improper ventilation system, high levels of humidity or water intrusion that lead to mold, bacterial issues or chemical out-gassing. Only when you have this information, you can take the appropriate measures to improve the quality of your home and workplace’s air.

When it comes to identifying and dealing with these issues, there’s no other company like Modern PURAIR. Besides testing the indoor air, our clients can benefit from our other services and products, designed to terminate these contaminants, which include duct cleaning, ultraviolet lighting systems and air filters.

Learn everything about the air you breathe in. Call us now at 587.797.1260.



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